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Capel Green is a feature length documentary movie currently in the post production stages at Indigo Transmit Films. It has been in production for two years and focuses on the life of Larry Warren, the original military witness and whistle-blower in the famous Rendlesham Forest Incidents. An insightful and human story about his fight for truth regarding what actually took place in the early hours of December 28th 1980 in a farmer's field called Capel Green which sits on the edge of the forest. Described as Britain's "Roswell", the mysterious lights and events witnessed by many US Air Force personnel, spanned three evenings; and the Capel Green incident on the third night of activity was by far the most intriguing with a landed craft and strange entities witnessed. A cold case from almost four decades ago, the film follows Larry's life, bringing forward new evidence and previously unseen original documents and new evidence in these events. Larry has fought for the justice and truth behind this matter since the Capel Green incident; battling the press, the military unit he served, as well as a few online detractors. The film talks to the many witnesses involved, takes the time to analyse the facts, documents, new revelations and evidence behind what really occurred, and questions why these incidents did not follow the standard investigation procedures by authorities.

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